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Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting in Utah County

Skilled Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Provo, UT

Ward Painting Company is the best choice for cabinet painting in Utah County. Cabinet painting jobs are some of our absolute favorites to take on because the results make our clients the happiest. Whether you’re looking to change up your cabinets in your kitchen, den, bathrooms, or anything else, our team of licensed, 5-star reviewed painters is ready to help!

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The Importance of Choosing a Professional for Cabinet Painting

Even the most confident DIY homeowner pales at the prospect of painting cabinets. If you aren’t intimidated by this project, you’ve likely never painted a cabinet before. Whereas a wall can be easily painted without leaving drips, brush marks, or an inconsistent coating, a set of cabinets is not so simple. 

Properly painted cabinets require an expert hand and years of experience to be done correctly. Take it from us — poorly painted cabinets are not only an eyesore but are often impossible to fix. Don’t take that unnecessary risk. Trust the expert Utah County cabinet painting team at Ward Painting Company. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners transform the look and feel of their homes with expert cabinet painting work. 

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Our Cabinet Painting Process

Our process is simple. It starts with a quick and easy consultation to scope your project and discuss paint options, scheduling, pricing, and other fine details. From there, our experienced team of Utah County cabinet painting specialists will arrive on your scheduled appointment date and begin the cabinet painting process. 

You can expect our team to follow the following steps:

  1. We start by prepping the cabinets. This includes numbering each cabinet door, drawer, and hinge before we begin taking anything apart. 
  2. From there, we prep the cabinets for paint by cleaning, filling knots/holes, and sanding where necessary. 
  3. After the cabinets are prepped, we apply primer, sand, and paint. 
  4. Finally, we put it all back together. 

After everything is put back together, we’ll do a quality check with you and our owner. Once approved, you are ready to enjoy your newly painted cabinets. 

Is it Worth it to Refinish Cabinets?

Absolutely! Choosing cabinet refinishing is a much more affordable alternative to purchasing completely new kitchen cabinets, which can cost thousands of dollars in materials and labor. It's also a more eco-friendly choice, as it conserves wood that would otherwise end up being thrown away if the cabinets were replaced. 

Professional cabinet refinishing is a great way to drastically reduce kitchen renovation costs while still producing a beautiful result. You'll be amazed at how having your cabinets refinished can take them from tired and dull to looking brand new again!

Please note, however, that not all types of cabinets are suitable for refinishing. If you have solid wood cabinets made from quality woods like ash, oak, cherry, hickory, or maple, refinishing is an excellent option. 

On the other hand, lacquer cabinets or cabinets made from plywood, particle board, or other similar materials may not be the best candidates for refinishing. Not sure? Our experienced painters can take a look at your existing cabinetry and provide their professional recommendations for how best to move forward with your project. 

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